About Barbara

Reliable, Strong Conservative.

About Barbara Arthur

"As a Cuban-American, I will fight hard against socialism because for me, this is personal." -Barbara Arthur

Barbara Arthur was born in communist Cuba. Her father chose to flee Fidel Castro’s totalitarian regime in August of 1969. He was able to bring Barbara and two of her young siblings to the United States aboard one of President Lyndon Johnson’s Freedom Flights. Unfortunately, Castro’s tyrannical government withheld her mother’s U.S. Visa and forced her to remain in Cuba with three of Barbara’s brothers and sister for another 23 long and difficult years – unable to join Barbara and the rest of the family until 1992!

That experience, however, did not stop Barbara from making the most of her new-found freedom in the United States. She worked from the age of 13; bought her own car; paid for her own insurance, gas and clothing, and even helped her father pay the rent.

In 1981, Barbara received her high school diploma from Florida’s Hialeah High School and went on to earn a vocational certificate in Legal Secretarial Studies from Garces Commercial College, also in Hialeah. For the next ten years she worked as a legal assistant in South Florida.

Just a year after her mother and siblings finally arrived from their imprisonment in Cuba, Barbara’s focus changed forever. “That’s when I asked the King of Kings to take His rightful place in my heart and life.” Since then, she has served as a Christian women’s speaker, speaking in churches from Montana to Miami.

In 1997, Barbara married former South Carolina State Representative, Warren Arthur, of Hartsville, SC. Together; they have a blended family of eight children and seven grandchildren. Over the last 15 years, she has become an accomplished homeschool teacher … graduating her youngest child in May of 2021.

Professionally, Barbara Arthur is a licensed insurance agent and, with her husband, own WD Arthur Insurance … a small business they have operated together for more than two decades.

Having expressed no previous political ambitions, Arthur explains what motivated her to run for the US House of Representatives from South Carolina’s 7th Congressional District

“The Bottom Line? My family did not flee Castro's communist Cuba to once again suffer under socialism’s iron fist and authoritarian form of government that is evolving today in Washington, DC. As a patriotic American who proudly earned my citizenship, I simply cannot and will not stand by while this vile and corrupt administration tries to re-create Castro's communist Cuba here in the USA. No way!”

Passionate about our freedom and confident in her decision to run, Arthur also refuses to “see my children and grandchildren grow up to inherit the kind of faithless, immoral nation that God-hating liberals in both parties want to create here.”

“We are running out of time and desperately need new, inspired leadership rooted in our nation’s traditional values and responsive to ‘We The People.’ We do not need career politicians, or politician wannabes, who are an entrenched part of the hideous Swamp – here and in DC,” Arthur insists.

As Thomas Jefferson warned long ago:

“Even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.”

As a Cuban immigrant who came here legally and have lived the American Dream in all its glory, Jefferson’s words, and those of his friend John Adams are especially meaningful to me in these troubled times. President Adams expressed prophetically what every patriot needs to understand: ‘Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.’”